Power Electronics applied to Renewable Energy Applications

Power Electronics applied to Renewable Energy Applications

Eduardo Ortiz-Rivera, Ph.D.  


Electrical Engineering

787-832-4040 ext. 6282

It is the purpose of this project to research renewable energy technologies (solar panels, fuel cells, thermoelectric generators)  with its integration to the electrical engineering education. This research work will be useful to attract students and teachers in the area of renewable energy by bringing them to a research work with a hands-on experience, where the interested students will have the chance to study renewable energy technologies and the feasibility of these technologies as a substitute to traditional fossil fuels.

The students will have the opportunity to do simulations, experiments, and acquire theory for an enriched electrical engineering research experience. This research work on renewable energy are an innovative and attractive way to make students aware of contemporary issues in areas like energy, globalization, state-of–the-art technologies, and attract them to pursue advance graduate studies in this area.