About the Consortium

The Consortium for Integrating Energy Systems in Engineering and Science Education (CIESESE) is a U.S. Department of Energy (DoE)-sponsored project with the goal of increasing the pipeline of graduates ready to pursue a career in energy relevant fields. Among the activities of the consortium is the participation of faculty and students, from Engineering and the Physical Sciences, in Energy Systems Research.  Energy systems refers to the infrastructure, technologies, and procedures to generate, store, and distribute energy for use by individual consumers and by the public and private/industrial sectors.

Universidad del Turabo (UT), a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HIS), under its Puerto Rico Energy Center (PREC), together with four HSI partner universities and two national laboratories, proposed the CIESESE to achieve the aforementioned goal.  CIESESE directly supports DOE’s goal to build a sustainable professional and academic pipeline, in particular professionals from the Hispanic community, ready to take on the challenges of current and future energy systems.

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Growing microalgae as a feedstock for energy generation: Development of a methodology to reach high microalgae biomass and lipid production

The goal of this project is to examine conditions that favor biomass accumulation in both native and commercial strains of microalgae with the end of using them as a feedstock for biofuel production.

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Improving Resilience on Electric Power Infrastructure Systems Vulnerable to Disruptions

Disruptions have the potential to cause widespread systemic failures on electric power infrastructures that could negatively impact industrial production, public services, and the movement of goods and people.  

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Study and modelling of DC grids for future smart homes

This project has the goal to learn and modeling the benefits of DC microgrids for future smart DC homes to help smart grid integration.

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Development and testing of an Unmanned Aerial System powered by fuel cells

The research hypothesis is to elucidate how the integration of fuel cells power energy sources affect flight performance, as well as to determine the effects of flight performance on the integrity of the fuel cells.

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Synthesizing novel Janus Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots as a support for Catalytic Nanoparticles

This proposal seeks to study the use of asymmetrically modified graphene oxide quantum dots (GOQD) as a support for metal nanoparticles with the purpose of avoiding agglomeration and increasing the surface area available.

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Sciences & Engineering Summer Internship 2020


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Pre-Engineering 2017 Summer Program Closing

On June 30, 2017 students from the High School Pre-Engineering Summer Camp at  Universidad Ana G.

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